Friday, 8 December 2017

Blood Dancer - Part 6.3

Brigid came around slowly, she was groggy but the first thing she was aware of was a round fleshy breast dominating her vision and a plump swollen nipple rubbing against her lips. Dozily she began kissing and sucking on it and was reward by some gentle cooing from Wilma "Good girl Brigid...suckle for mommy and she'll make you all better". Once again Brigid was in awe of the levels of filth emanating from the local preacher.

She instinctively wrapped her arms around Wilma's thick frame and realised she was no longer handcuffed to the bed. As she sucked and nibble her lover's breast she began to become aware of the pain from her poor ravaged body. The burns from the wax as well as all the other torments made her feel like she'd been in a car wreck. One thing was missing though, her butt felt empty so Wilma had obviously finally decided to remove the dildo at some stage while she was unconscious, "Thank the goddess for small mercies" thought Brigid.

She was eager for a break from the raucous, intense fucking Wilma had previously subjected her too, she was also anxious to be allowed to spend more time in Wilma's home and find the source of her magic. That, after all, had been the sole reason for going home with Wilma....well almost all of it thought Brigid and she sucked on Wilma's glorious breast. She snaked her hand down between the older woman's thighs and they parted instantly allowing her to begin gently caressing her pussy. The two woman melted into each other and began another session of divinely pleasurable lovemaking.

It was a couple of hours later when the two famished woman finally left Wilma's bedroom. Wilma could barely contain her amusement as Brigid opted to stand she ate the pasta dish Wilma had hurriedly cooked for her. The summer dress Brigid had been wearing yesterday had been found in a crumpled ripped heap just inside the house and had had to be repaired with safety pins. Brigid for her part just needed to locate the magical power source...given the strength of the enchantment it should be difficult to find but so far she couldn't sense anything. She put down her empty plate and smiled at the pastor who was now wearing a towel robe "You know" she said "I don't think I've ever been in a church's house before...will you show me round".

Wilma smiled and rose to her feet "Sure...but it's all pretty normal" she said leading the way and showing Brigid the various rooms. As the tour progressed Brigid used her divining charm to try and detect any residual magic in the building....there was none. The only thing she could detect was Wilma herself. It was impossible, she thought, it must be here. There must be something...the spell Wilma was exhibiting would have to leave some trace. Her charm was hugely would detect some sort of energy even if it was to shield the actual source. It dawned on Brigid as she looked at Wilma, she was not the enchantress, she was the enchanted...someone had put a powerful but subtle lust spell on her and Brigid had exposed herself to it. She had submitted to hour after hour of sexual torment for nothing. There was clearly no magic to be found here, just a woman under a hugely powerful lust spell and an idiot witch who'd just been fucked to exhaustion for no reason. Brigid could feel herself blushing...she wanted to scream obscenities but she had to keep up her smiling visage. Wilma saw her as nothing more than a kinky little temptress, she couldn't risk anything confusion or scandal. She would have to return to Wilma in order to counter the spell she was under. It was simply too dangerous to leave the woman as this wanton lust-machine for any longer than necessary. After that was taken care of she then had to start her search for the source of the enchantment.

Stacey, she thought, it must be her...nothing else made sense...she must have been using black magic on herself and enchanted Wilma as a prank...But would anyone with such a high level of power and expertise do that? The only other option was there was another sorcerer in Lincoln Lake casting spells on two random people...Why would that be?

About an hour later Brigid walked slowly into her house. Wilma had driven her most of the way but was anxious to avoid being seen with the local school teacher and so had dropped her a couple of blocks away. During the drive they had chatted amiably and giggled about their previous night's adventure. Brigid's fury had cooled somewhat...Wilma after all, was acting under the influence of magic when she had visited all those torments on Brigid. Brigid decided to chalk the encounter to experience and make the most of having a new friend and extremely skilled sexual partner in town. They kissed very quickly and Brigid exit the car on a quite side-street.

She reached her home, flopped through the door and quickly passed out exhausted on her sofa.

She had no idea how long she'd been asleep when her phone woke her up by buzzing. A Facebook alert. A friend request from Wilma. "Understandable" she thought and accepted it. It would be useful setting up a date in order to disenchant Wilma.

Almost immediately a message popped up

"Can't stop thinking about the things we got up to"

"I am exhausted" replied Brigid

"You poor thing, I wanted to rub some cream into those marks on your butt"

Brigid smiled, Wilma was still under the influence of the spell and obviously still horny. 
"Tease" she replied

"Oh don't worry...I don't tease. Next time I will be much more inventive" came the message almost instantly

Oh fuck thought Brigid, she was about to reply when another message popped up

"Tomorrow evening you will be at the church for 7pm...Last night was just a gentle introduction"

Brigid didn't like where this was going...she was definitely going to see Wilma again but the thought of more sado-masochistic sex was not very enticing given how ravaged her body was right now. "I might need some more recovery time before a repeat performance...maybe just dinner?" she replied. She figured that was a good response...Agree to meet as early as possible and rid her of the spell.

This time a video popped up. It was of Brigid lying handcuffed on Wilma's bed. Her body was writhing in pleasure and a sextoy was pressed against her pussy. It was making her moan wantonly and beg for more.

A message popped up after it "Mommy loves watching her little baby, so many of these to choose from"

Then another "This screen is so small though....maybe I will have to upload it to give it a bigger screen"

Brigid actually growled at this, was Wilma really going to blackmail her? She was the fucking local pastor for fuck's sake. Either this spell was warping Wilma's mind or she was an evil domineering bitch to being with. Whichever it was Brigid did not need this complication in her life.

"7pm at the church...and you are forbidden from wearing bra or panties between now and then. If you are a good girl then I will keep your adventures all to myself, you are my little slut now. Understand"

Brigid was incandescent with rage, she punched the wall and instantly howled in pain as she broke several bones in her hand...she slumped to the floor and began crying. This was turning into a nightmare, Brigid had to reply now and buy some time so she can cast her counter spell on Wilma. She didn't really have any choice but to go along with things. How could she, a fully trained witch,

"You are so naughty ;) ;) ;)" she replied typing with one hand and the phone on the floor

"Good girl" came the reply.

Brigid lay there for a while utterly, utterly miserable. The agony was coming at her from all angles. The wax-burns, scratches, belt marks, internal bruising from the rough invasions of several sex-toys and now her wrist. She needed to heal her body as best she could, she clambered to her feet and was just about to go to her bedroom when her doorbell went.

She limped to the door and was astounded to see Kate, the exotic European new-comer at her door.

"Hi" she said "I hope you don't mind...I looked you up in the phone book"

Even in her pain addled state Kate took Brigid's breath away. She was the most desirable woman she'd ever met. She wore high heels, tight-leather trousers, a white blouse topped off with sunglasses and a wide brimmed hat. What on earth was she doing at her door...any why now.

For her part Kate was utterly amused at the exhausted woman who prized open the door. It was now early evening and she was wearing the same dress as she had been yesterday afternoon. It was now held together with safety pins and Brigid had an impressive array of lovebites emerging on her neck and chest. It seemed Wilma's lovespell was proving as irresistible as she'd hoped. She had decided Brigid was worthy of seduction yesterday and so had made efforts to find her. She was clearly an outsider in Lincoln Lake and one of the most interesting people she'd met....and cute too with her short red hair and pixie-like features. Kate had spent the evening thinking about making this attractive young woman her pet for the duration of her stay here. She had clearly had a long rough night of lovemaking and utterly bemused to find Kate at her door. "I enjoyed chatting to you and I think we are both newcomers in town so I thought we could get to know each other better".

Brigid was still peeping out from behind the door looking confused, why was this gorgeous woman here? Ordinarily she would want nothing more than to spend time with her but the last 24 hours had been too much to take. She tried her best to smile "Yeah....that'd be great.....I am just really beat right now"

Kate new how alluring she looked, she bit her lip coquettishly "So can I come in?" she asked. The invisible magical enchantment preventing her from entering a home until invited crackled angrily at her.

Brigid couldn't process it all, Kate was so gorgeous...but she couldn't see her like this. She was a mess "Listen, I am not being rude...I am really feeling unwell...I just need to hit the sack. Can I get your number"

This was unexpected for Kate...she had never had trouble gaining entry to people's houses and seducing mortals into becoming her adoring sex-slaves was as easy as breathing...Rejection was a very rare event. Given how exhausted Brigid looked she couldn't imagine her being much use for the raucous, energetic activities she had planned. She decided to be discreet and not press the issue. Instead she merely smiled and produced her card from her purse. She smiled as she handed it over and allowed her hand to brush against Brigid's skin seductively...and with that she bid the diminutive redhead adieu.

Brigid closed the door and cursed...Kate was stunning and was clearly coming on to her...why had this had to happen now in the middle of a crisis like this.

She cursed Wilma and whoever it was had bewitched her then stumbled upstairs and cast a healing spell on her broken wrist before flopping onto her bed.

20 yards down the road Kate's car screeched to a halt. The wave of magic had hit her immediately and it's source was unmistakable....Brigid's house.

Friday, 1 December 2017

Blood Dancer - Part 6.2

Brigid squirmed and writhed but there was really no point, she was bound and helpless. She wracked her brains to think of a way out of this but even if her magic could manipulate metal it would be visible on the webcam and the risk of having her true nature revealed we too great. She just settled back and tried to pass the time.

There was something else though...the taste of Wilma's pussy was seeping from the panties into her mouth whilst the second pair made every breath heavily laden with there womanly was making her more and more horny. "Oh great" thought Brigid "...I am pavlov's slut".

She tried to concentrate on anything other than Wilma's essence but every breath brought back an array of filthy thoughts and recollections from the previous night's debauchery. "What is wrong with me" she thought as she felt her arousal building. Before long the scent was making her pussy moist and she rubbed her thighs together to try and get herself off. She writhed and even tried to force the dildo further up her ass in a desperate attempt to cum. She could imagine what a dirty little whore she must look like on that webcam but she was going out of her mind.

As she squirmed she felt her crystal charm necklace, it must now be amplifying her own arousal and turning it back on her...then Brigid realised, she had had this charm on throughout their sex session. If Wilma was boosting her own sexual desires and allure it was logical that she was taking in this extra sexual energy from those around her. This would normally be okay but Brigid's charm was amplifying every the sexual enchantment and channeling it to Brigid so she could detect it. She had unwittingly created a feedback loop which had propelled the two women's lust higher and higher and would continue to do so indefinitely. No wonder the sex was so wild and debauched....every single act, every single wave of pleasure had fueled yet great lust. The orgasms had got stronger and more intense because the charms was boosting everything. She had to get it off as soon as she could otherwise this could lead to potentially destructive levels of wild, hedonistic debauchery.

If anything the panic Brigid was feeling only seemed to make her more horny but try as she might she couldn't bring herself over the edge to finally orgasm. She even contemplated flipping over and humping the mattress in a desperate effort to cum but she knew that Wilma's webcam was observing and broadcasting every single moment of it. Instead she tried to calm herself and suppress her out of control lust. Blindfolded, enduring a wildly out of control sexual enchantment and only her lover's taste and scent for company she lay there going slowly out of her mind.

Eventually she heard Wilma re-enter the bedroom "That was so naughty of me, I could see you there on my tablet as I was trying to preach". She felt Wilma climb onto the bed and straddle her. Brigid had to take her charm-necklace off otherwise Wilma's magic would continue to drive them to potentially dangerous levels of depravity. Wilma continued "I think I am going to punish you for being so distracting" and removed the mask covering Brigid's eye.

The first thing Brigid saw was this Buxom BBW towering above her with a thick altar candle in her hand. She barely had time to protest before the searing hot stream of wax was poured over Brigid's upper chest. The young redhead moaned into the gag and Wilma set the candle aside on a tray laying beside them on the bed...the tray contained three other identical candles "Oh FUCK" thought Brigid.

Wilma smiled down adoringly at Brigid as she grabbed the second one and poured it onto the helpless redhead's left breast, this time Brigid screamed in pain as the wax hit her sensitive flesh "Oh don't be such a baby..." chided Wilma "...Me and the other female pastors used to do this to each other every day at college". The next candle was held aloft above Brigid and she began to feel a very real fear, she shook her head to Wilma to say "No" but the pastor's sadistic streak hand been enflamed and there was no stopping her "I know what's best darling" she said as she slowly and deliberately poured the wax over her right breast, this time ensuring the swollen nipple was totally coated and the screams eminating from Brigid more guttural and intense. Because she had poured the wax more slowly the candle was still burning and Wilma began methodically drip, drip, dripping the red hot wax down towards her groin. The poor witch's torments still had a long way to go.

Wilma lingered on Brigid's belly button and the young redhead whimpered, although scared her lust levels were still through the roof and this in turn was fueling Wilma's arousal too. With her free hand Wilma began gently and lovingly caressing Brigid's pussy. It was an overload of pain, fear and pleasure and soon Brigid was moaning and whimpering for a completely different reason as Wilma's expert fingers coaxed her towards the climax she was so desperate for. Waves of pleasure and explosions of white hot pain continued as Wilma smiled and continued the twin torments "Yes, baby...Mommy always knows what's best for you" she whispered.

Soon Brigid realised the source of the pleasure and the source of the pain were getting ever closer as Wilma's moved the candle lower. There was a thick tension in the air and Brigid surrendered to the pleasuring. Wilma began stroking more firmly and the rhythm increased...soon there was no confusing the reason for the muffled groans Brigid produced. The wax was no dotted all around her groin and the orgasms were rolling through her body as Wilma's deftly stroked her towards climax. The pleasure was masking the pain now or was the pain fueling the pleasure? Brigid was losing herself to this exquisite magic enhanced ecstasy. It was the most intense feeling she'd ever experienced and fireworks of pleasure were going off in her mind as the wax was dripped millimters from her pussy lips.

The waves of arousal was stronger and more fulsome than anything she'd ever experienced and she surrendered herself to it, she locked eyed with Wilma and smiled wickedly at her...Brigid was gasping and groaning and screaming with pleasure, as the climax hit Wilma grabbed the final candle and poured it onto Brigid's soft, swollen super-sensitive pussy

Brigid roared with a mix of agony and utterly delicious pleasure as the most intense orgasm of her life so far crashed through her poor, ravaged body....She blacked out.

Friday, 24 November 2017

Blood Dancer - Part 6.1

Brigid sat in the passenger seat of Wilma's RV as they sped across town. The sexual tension was thick in the air and Brigid looked across and assessed the woman she was about to spend the night with.

She was the definition of BBW with thick thighs, round face, full lips and a truly mouth-watering chest. Looking at them side on Brigid now guessed they were J or H cups, mamouth compared to her perky B cups. Being alone with the woman and being the sole recipient of the magical was still pummelling her psyche. The charm around her neck was still magnifying it and her body was responding by getting more and more needy with every passing second. Brigid needed this fuck otherwise she was sure she would go insane.

Wilma looked over a smiled at the petite redhead, she felt more reckless and sexually powerful than she had in years. It had been so long since she'd had sex, repressed by her place in the community...just a couple of discreet flings with her old college friends on their all-to-infrequent re-union weekend. Now this cute emo girl had spent the evening flirting with her...she literally couldn't wait to get her home and jump into bed with her. The lust and hunger she felt was almost frightening, so much repression to be released on this poor unsuspecting woman.

After a short while she said "So, shall we stop off at my place for coffee" desperately hoping that she had not misread the situation.

Brigid was happy to play the role of the seduced nymph, her primary plan was to get to Wilma's, spend the night fucking and then search her place for the source of Wilma's magic. It would be a book of spells or magically charged artifact of some description. She would be able to use her charm to discreetly detect it without this dark sorceress realising she had taken a fully trained witch into her house. Once she knew it's nature she could then return and destroy it or, if it was too powerful, call for re-enforcements from the coven. Her whole plan hinged on staying over and then getting the grand tour so she had to play the role of the willing lover...also, she needed an orgasm more than at any point in her entire life. She bit her lip in a way that she hoped looked sexy and replied "Your place definitely....but I don't want coffee" and placed her hand on Wilma's thigh.

Wilma smiled "Perfect" she thought as she parted her thighs and allowed Brigid's hand to slide over her skin "So, the local minister and the young English teacher...quite scandalous in a small town like this...I am hoping we'll be discreet"

Brigid smiled too, despite Wilma practicing dark enchantments on rooms of people she still wanted to avoid publicity. Fine, that suite Brigid's needs too. She slipped her hand under the hem of Wilma's skirt and whispered "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas".

Wilma beamed "I warn feeling pretty wild hunnie"

Brigid wanted "Wild", she was so horny she wanted everything "Seriously, I am so horny I want you to rip me apart"

From that point on the speed limit was a purely fictional construct for Wilma as she hurtled home. She barely waited for the automatic garage doors or open before racing inside. In seconds the two were ripping each others clothes of and hungrily kissing each other as the stumbled towards the bedroom.

It was fully 10 hours later when Brigid gained consciousness....

...she rolled over and instantly cried out in pain as her bloodied, striped ass check tore away from the sheet. She flopped over onto her back and instantly gasped as the huge sex toy Wilma has stuck up her ass was pushed further up.

The memories of the previous night came flooding back...she made to reach behind her but her hands were still cuffed to the bedhead. He body was a ravaged mess and the worst of it was she couldn't really blame Wilma. Brigid had literally begged and snarled and demanded and goaded every single one of the torments an Wilma had been only to happy to give them. She was covered in bruises, scratches, lovebites and in places actual real bites but the worst damage was to her back, ass and thighs. Wilma had began spanking her "bad little girl" but eventually she'd used her thick leather belt and Brigid had thanked her for each and every stroke and begged for more. The deep, bloody stripes would take a while to heal.

Orgasm after screaming orgasm for both of them, they had goaded each other to new heights and ecstacy and depravity, all the time with Wilma dominating and Brigid receiving. Then the handcuffs hand come out, and then Wilma's quite breathtaking array of sex-toys. Brigid closed her eyes as she remembered Wilma's fetish for photographing and filming the torments too. Brigid had been an anal virgin until last night but her deflowering had been a glorious riot of screaming pleasure all captured for posterity.

Yes, it was fair to say Reverend Wilma was a nasty inventive domineering bitch.

Brigid's only thought now was to smile coquettishly, find the source of Wilma's power and limp home so she could use her own magic to heal herself.

As she lay there aching she felt Wilma's stir from her own exhausted slumber. She looked over and got a sweet smile from the buxom older woman. There had been some quite wonderful sex as well as the kinky shit....Wilma's breasts were truly heavenly and the initial lovemaking had been almost perfect but each orgasm seemed to merely drive the intensity towards the wild abandon of the wild, hedonistic sexual torture that followed.

Wilma moved her nipple to Brigid's mouth and whispered "Come on baby, this is where you belong". Despite the pain Brigid's pussy instantly began to soak with arousal and she began to suckle of Wilma's super-sensitive breasts. Before long Wilma clambered up and placed her pussy inches above Brigid's face...the aroma alone nearly made the horny redhead cum and she strained upwards to kiss Wilma's clit. The magic, she realised, was just as potent this morning as it had been yesterday...but also, there was no denying Wilma was unbelievably good in bed.

The insatiable BBW plunged down on her new lesbian lover and clamped her thick thighs around her head.

Wilma was in danger of losing track of time and she had things she needed to do. Before too long her parishioners would be arriving for morning service, she wanted more of Brigid but also she couldn't risk her being detected. Lincoln Lake wasn't ready for this much gossip in one go. Reluctantly she de-mounted and looked down at the woman she had spent the night with "Now, my little painslut, I have to go and be will have to stay here"

Brigid smiled, perfect....she could search the place without fear of being disturbed. Wilma got off the bed and walked over to her desk and Brigid rattled the handcuffs restraining her "Erm...little help here"

Wilma smiled wickedly "I am not letting you go that easily baby"

Brigid gasped "No! You can't.........what if I need to pee"

Wilma was enjoying this "Then you'll be punished...Don't worry, I always deliver my sermons from my I'll be a little bit distracted". She tapped the webcam sitting on top of her PC and waved the iPad screen towards Brigid.

"Noooo you can't do this...I'll stay here but you have to let me go" whined Brigid

Wilma merely smiled and opened the bedside draw. She took out a pink sleep mask and placed it over Brigid's eyes.

Brigid continued "Come on Wilma...let me go...this isn't fu" until Wilma pushed something fabric into her mouth...the salty taste instantly told her it was a pair of soiled panties....a second pair were slipped over her head securing the makeshift gag but also covering her nose. Wilma kissed Brigid on her head and said "Be a good girl for mommy" and left the young witch there to stew.

Friday, 17 November 2017

Blood Dancer - Part 5.2

Back in the kitchen she found Reverend Wilma and her companions but not Beth. They were in the middle of a hushed conversation "...Who'd have thought the queen of the undead would show up" said one of them and they all giggled. Wilma sounded as if she did not entirely disagree with the catty comment but responded "Now remember, Beth said everyone was welcome...we should welcome unexpected guests no matter how...odd & weird they are".

"No" Kate thought "...they couldn't be discussing me could they". She rejoined the group and they ladies showed no sign that they had been talking about her...they continued bitching about someone who, according to these women, was aloof and weird and arrogant. Kate decided she liked the sound of this person straight away.

She returned to the job at hand, namely using her powers to distract the ladies of Lincoln Lake leaving her free to seduce and enslave Carl. As she was musing over the best way to distract them Reverend Wilma moved closer and whispered "Beth has had an unexpected guest arrive...things could be interesting". As she did so the middle aged pastor's fulsome chest pressed into Kate's lithe body and she could sense the repressed lust. The contact between them was far from innocent and Kate was impressed by Wilma's discreet but almost predatory boldness. "Too interesting not to" she decided and she focused her attention on Wilma. Gently, ever so gently, she pressed and pushed and stimulated the base areas of Wilma's mind releasing her repressions and boosting her libido. The result would be a torrent of glorious lust and a blissful freedom from her rigid inhibitions. At the same time Kate stimulated Wilma's latent desires towards other women. It would be very interesting to see how this disciplined woman acted on these unleashed appetites. At the same this lust would cause Wilma's natural pheromone levels to go through the roof thus making her almost irresistible.

All this happened over a few seconds and Kate smiled to herself as she envisioned the debauchery her mischief would wreak on this small pleased her to think of Stacey suddenly finding herself the object of lust and Reverend Wilma turning into a wanton slut whilst Kate feasted on her ultimate prize.

As she was enjoying the mental imagery Wilma pressed closer to her and placed her hand on the small of Kate's back just just above her ass. The lust was coursing through the middle aged woman now, it was obvious. As she did so she leaned right next to Kate's ear "Beth has had a visitation from the forces of darkness" and nodded towards the patio doors where Beth was just re-entering with a short, pale redheaded woman in tow. Wilma let her hand linger on Kate and whispered "Our new English teacher arrived in town 6 months ago, started failing everyone in school and will barely say hello to anyone...Don't think anyone was expecting her".

She was in the middle of talking to the woman and Kate heard her say "...unexpected to see you here. I didn't think you liked soccer".

She turned and raised her eyebrows to the ladies present hinting that it was extremely surprising and amusing to have this new guest arrive. The new arrival looked utterly, utterly uncomfortable at the attention. She  stared at the floor and mumbled "Well it was very exciting and you said everyone was welcome for the party". She wore a blue sundress but had dark makeup that made her pale complexion stand out all the more. Her hair was cut into a pageboy style and her overall demeanor screamed introvert. It was clear she was considered an outsider here and Kate decided there and then to make it her business to get to know this meek loner.

Brigid for her part was hating every second of socialising with the local church congregation. She picked up on every glance and knowing smile the ladies exchanged but pretended not to. She knew she needed to infiltrate this group if she was to find out who on earth was practicing black magic in this homely, unremarkable community.

She knew Beth and the Reverend but most of the others were a mystery to her...This was exactly how she wanted it. She hated the fact she'd had to move to Lincoln Lake, she just wanted to be left on her own. Socialising was the absolute last thing on her mind but she would have to have firm evidence on the perpetrator before the rest of the coven would get involved. One of the women, a striking lady with a European accent passed her a glass of wine and Beth began to make awkward small talk and she did her best to join in. As she chatted Brigid carefully lowered her defences and casually reached to the crystal pendant hanging around her neck, it was a charm the would discretely boost Brigid's perceptions without betraying her powers to the source of the magic, she knew that staying undetected was vital until she understood what was going on.

She smiled and nodded cheerily to Beth as she opened herself up and was appalled at what she found.

Under ordinary circumstance and when they are not using their powers vampyres by their nature omit no aura..This meant Kate was undetectable to Brigid's enhanced senses. Although blissfully unaware of the undead monster standing hidden in their midst she couldn't help but detect the sorcery Kate had casually thrown around the Langdales. It hung around the house like a stench. It was so thick she had trouble discerning any sort of source.

Lust. Pure animal lust...The house was awash with lust enchantments.

Brigid felt herself becoming utterly aroused as her vulnerable, boosted senses hungrily absorbed it all. Her nipples grew swollen and hard and her pussy throbbed. She felt herself flush "Oh Goddess" she thought "too much, too much". She wanted to shut it off but she knew she couldn' was intoxicating. She was so horny...the effects of the spells was magnified a thousandfold by the charm...she felt her panties beginning to dampen as her arousal soaked through them. If she was going to stay undetected she had to endure this until she could zero in on who was using the magic.

Forcing back the urge to run the bathroom and masturbate for all she was worth she smiled at Kate and said "I love your house, I was looking at buying one similar when I first moved here but it was wayyyy out of my price range" which made Beth smile broadly ...can I have the grand tour?"

Ever eager to please Beth took Brigid by the hand and lead her round the house. The site of their normally aloof English teacher at the party caused momentary consternation amongst student and parent alike and Brigid did her best to appear fully in the spirit of things with a stream cheery greetings "Don't mind me", "So nice to see you", "Just enjoying the party". All the while she was was letting the lust flow through her trying to find the source. She looked at Beth with her plump cheeks and buxom chest and wanted to hug her and press her lips on her, she had to get a grip but it was overpowering.

It had been at it's strongest in the kitchen so she knew there was someone in there who had worked an enchantment she could also feel an energy source at the back of the house, "What was going on" she thought. She turned to Beth and smiled again "So how big are the gardens?" and was promptly lead out through some patio doors. Out there a bunch of her 12th graders hurriedly tried to hide their drinks but Brigid didn't care, over by the barbeque she detected a huge bloom of magical energy...Stacey. She was currently talking to three guys who were obviously fawning all over her trying to impress her. This was inevitable given the amount of love spells eminating from her and the obviously enchantments the guys were under. Teenage girls messing with magic, nothing more dangerous. She remembered noting that Stacey and Carl had recently broken up. A classic case. There would be a book somewhere or an older unregistered Witch who had taught Stacey the art of arcane love spells. Brigid felt better...she could deal with this sort of thing, definitely. A few anti-magic binds and the destruction of whatever they were using for their spells. Maybe a bit of a scare visit from some of the coven's more intimidating witches and warlocks. She just needed to find out what else was happening.

She allowed the grand tour to continue back towards the kitchen the second magical hotspot. Instantly she found her second fountainhead, Reverend Wilma. "Holy shit" thought Brigid "...the local pastor". That was unexpected but there was no mistaking it. Wilma had heightened all her sexual energies and was busy trying to seduce the poor European stranger who'd given her the wine earlier.

The barbeque had done it's work, the drink was flowing and, thanks to Kate's extra curricula activities, hormones levels were rising. The result was a party that was generally agreed to be one of the best in living memory. Brigid staying on and sipped wine and made small talk with Beth and the other ladies. It was awkward and she suspected her host would like nothing better than for Brigid to leave but she couldn't she had to observe this an plan how to deal with it. She needed to search Wilma and Stacey's homes as soon as possible.

Guests started leaving...couples were feeling more amorous than they had in years, new hookups were made, even a couple of new extra-marital affairs being planned and one totally unexpected threesome would occur. Brigid moved closer to Wilma and Kate and topped up Kate's drink. Wilma refused saying she had to lead services in the morning. The three talked pleasantly...Kate, still unaware Brigid was a witch, decided she liked the young teacher with her timidity, intensity and obvious intelligence. She decided to get to know her better whilst she waited for the full moon and her feeding ceremony. It was obvious that the petite redhead was feeling the effect of Reverend Wilma's newly acquired charms. She was flushed and the heat emanating from her groin was unmistakable. Wilma too was fully aroused and Kate smiled inwardly at where all this could lead for the two of them.

She said her goodbyes and made her way to Beth to get her number and confirm that Carl would indeed make himself available to her as her gardener. "Mission accomplished" she thought.

Brigid was now fully in the firing line having "rescued" Kate from Wilma's advanced. She was hornier than she'd ever been in her life having spent the afternoon enduring wave after wave of super-charged lust spell. Wilma smiled at her and discreetly topped up her drink again. Although not obvious because of Wilma's natural discretion it was clear she was the prey for this buxom older woman. Stacey could wait, Wilma would be her first investigation. Brigid knew what was going to happen next and she appraised the reverend, short pageboy hair, round face with full cheeks and plump lips. Her striking feature was her chest, Brigid estimated them as G or larger possibly swollen due to the spells she'd apparently worked. Her skirt, although not short, showed off thick nylon covered thighs and full rounded calfs. Brigid had never had a problem with her bisexuality or older, more rubenesque figures. She was so aroused she would be happy to jump on Wilma right there and then.

She took a deep breath and said "I will probably need to call a cab, it's getting late". Inevitably Wilma smiled and said "I think we don't live too far away, I can drive you".

Brigid was in for an interesting evening.